Why Choose Citizen Bike?

Ready to Ride

We don't expect you to be a bike mechanic, so we get everything ready to roll before we fold up and pack your bike. We lovingly install your accessories and tune-up your bike to order right here at Citizen HQ. This saves you a bundle of $$$ and the hassle of getting your bike setup at a shop.

Manufacturer Direct

We only offer our bikes direct -- no big megazonic resellers or unnecessary in-betweens. Just direct from us to you. So our prices don't have any extra fluff. They represent our absolute best effort to get you the most excellent value we can.

Divine design and crazy quality

We've been offering our folding bikes direct for over 15 years -- and we're always innovating and listening. Our customers are our co-pilots. Our designs represent the combined experience of our company and community to bring the best bikes and accessories at incredible prices.

Awesome customer service

Any questions? Hello! We're here! It's us! We're ready to help. Want a recommendation based on your commute, or need some help to get going and being human -- give us a call.

Free socks

We'd give you a hug if we could. So instead, we give you the ultimate utility accessory for your bike -- socks. We love you that much. And here's a virtual hug for good measure πŸ€— Happy dance not included.

We're proud to be celebrating over twelve years of helping people get going and being human. We've been adventure enablers, commuting companions, and unfolding new journeys right at home. Thanks for the ride and we look forward to rolling on together.

about us and our folding bikes

Welcome to Citizen Bike, your online source for folding bikes and folding bicycle accessories by Citizen Bike.

Citizen Bike is a lifestyle of going and being human – transportation solutions for your life that are practical, affordable and fun. Our exciting line of folding bicycles is uniquely value and style conscious, offering exceptional performance in a handsome package. We've packed as much as we could into our compact bikes at a price to let everyone experience the joy and freedom of folding convenience.

Folding bicycles are not specialty bikes, they're bikes with a amazing bonus – portability. Citizen Bike offers a sleek bicycle in a small, compact package. Folding bikes are ideal for commuting, storage and travel. Our foldup bikes are perfect for your RV, truck, boat and airplane, and also to just enjoy the amazing convenience and versatility of folding bikes for every day and every ride.

On this website, you can buy our folding bikes direct from us at incredible prices. Click here to visit our folding bike shop to purchase folding bikes direct. Please browse this website for more information on our folding bicycles, accessories, and folding bikes in general.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions. And most importantly, enjoy the ride.

prepared with love

Prepared with love

Because we only offer our bikes direct, we're able to pass along all of the savings to you. But we're also able to do things differently. Unlike what you should expect from purchasing a bike online, we're quite the opposite. We're not slapping a label on a box and tossing it into a truck. Your bike is prepared to order, customized and packed for shipment, right here in the USA at Citizen HQ. We'll add and attach your accessories, tune it all up, and carefully pack your bike for safe travels to you.

Your bike is tuned and setup with the same level of care and attention you'd get from your local bike shop. Because we can pack the bikes folded and fully assembled, your bike will arrive to you ready to ride...and prepared with love.

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Our customers have shared some of their stories and pictures of their experiences and adventures with their Citizen folding bikes from around the world. Take a look at a sampling of some of the feedback we've received.