Keep going: Folding bicycle safety

Follow these instructions for safe riding

Before riding your folding bike for the first time, make sure to familiarize yourself with the location and operation of all the quick release levers on your Citizen Bike.

Before each ride, check to make sure all latches and quick releases are properly secured. Also check your brake system and tire pressure. Proper inflation for your tires is indicated on the tire's sidewall.

Do not over-tighten the quick release levers. Always hand tighten until clamping is snug. Never use a tool or wrench to tighten the quick release levers.

Never operate the folding bicycle if the frame, wheels or quick release levers are damaged.

Rider's weight including luggage should not exceed specified maximums. Please refer to the folding bicycle manual for maximum weight.

Make sure that the seat post quick release is securely fastened and that the seat post does not slip before you ride.

Proper maintenance and adjustment of your Citizen Bike will greatly increase riding safety and performance.

To keep your folding bicycle in optimum operating condition, always dry the bicycle after use in wet riding conditions.

Do not ride your folding bicycle at night. Reflectors alone are not adequate for riding at night. Front and rear lighting systems are recommended to increase visibility.

Always wear a helmet when riding your Citizen Bike.

Your Citizen Bike is designed for all users. However, parental supervision is recommended when the folding bicycle is used by children.

Before your first ride, be sure you know all local traffic regulations. Remember to comply with all bicycling safety laws and use common sense especially in adverse weather conditions.

Citizen Bike is not responsible for accidents resulting from failure to comply with all bicycling safety laws, careless driving or improper maintenance of your folding bicycle.