Meet Muffin® Airless Tires

Upgrade and ride flat-free forever

What if you never had to worry about a flat again? Meet Muffin tires. And meet a new level of riding freedom.


Imagine never facing a flat tire again. With a long life of thousands of miles, you can put your bike pump away. Muffin® tires will keep you riding and rolling on your bike adventures flat-free forever.


Muffin® tires can withstand just about anything that would normally derail your ride. Glass. Nails. No problem. Ride on.


Filled with a natural, stable gas, integrated with macromolecular materials, Muffin® Tires will never need air and will never go flat.


Muffin® technology allows us to create a tire and wheel combination that weighs almost half the weight of traditional solid tires, and is comparable to many traditional tires.

How to upgrade to Muffins

The Muffin tire upgrade is only available at the time of purchase.

When placing your order, please make sure to select the upgrade option before adding your Citizen Bike to the cart.

We will replace our standard tires with Muffin airless tires when we prepare your bike. Your bike will be delivered with your Muffins pre-installed and ready to roll.

Please contact us with any questions and thanks for going and being human.

Muffin FAQs

Which Citizen Bikes can I get with Muffins?

We are currently offering the Muffin airless tire upgrade on the following models:

Can I retrofit my current Citizen Bike with Muffins?

We are only offering Muffins as an upgrade for new bikes at this time.

How much does the upgrade cost?

The Muffin tire upgrade is $149/bike. We will replace the standard tires with a set of Muffin airless tires.