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Our customers have shared some of their stories and pictures of their experiences and adventures with their Citizen folding bikes from around the world. Here is a sampling of some of the feedback we've received.

Here's our GOTHAM Citizen Bike in Bagram, Afghanistan, used by one of our customers to shuttle around the airfield.

Citizen Bike in Bagram, Afghanistan
GOTHAM Citizen Bike in Bagram, Afghanistan
Robert Schwartzman, lead singer of Rooney with his folding bike by Citizen Bike.

This photo comes to us by way of the lead singer of the band Rooney, Robert Schwartzman. He and his bandmates have travelled around the world on their summer tour with their Citizen Bikes.

"On tour, all we see is the venue we're playing in, never the surrounding area. It's amazing to be able to travel with my bike and explore every city we travel to. It's super convenient to have on tour and the price is also a plus." -- Robert Schwartzman, Rooney

Thanks Robert, and enjoy!

Robert is not the only rocker to rock our folding bikes. The Red Hot Chili Peppers outfitted their crew for their latest mega-tour. Spotted to the right is lead Anthony Kiedis rolling in New Orleans on his GOTHAM.

Our bikes aren't just designed for the road warrior rocker. They're designed for every day, every ride and every Citizen.

Please keep sending us your notes and pictures, and we'll keep sharing your stories.

Here's a letter from a proud Citizen folding bike commuter in NYC:

"To the Staff at Citizen Bike:

Thank you so much for selling me such a wonderful, beautiful, and affordable bike!!!  I purchased the BARCELONA in Ivory and have had so much joy riding her the last few  weeks.  Yes, I said her! haha. I named my bike Stella Sofia!

I am a Police Officer in Manhattan and have been riding Stella to work, at the precinct, every night.  I have also have been riding around Manhattan's Upper East Side, as well as Central Park and The Upper West Side.  I have received a plethora of compliments and have been telling everyone I can about your website! A co-worker of mine is going to get one too as he also lives in Manhattan!

Your customer service is wonderful and  I appreciate how timely my delivery was. I also appreciate how compact Stella is!  She fits fabulously in my shoe box of an apartment...

Thank you again for such a fantastic buying experience!  I will continue to recommend your website to other people looking for a greener way to get to work!!"

– V.W. of New York City

Thanks, V.W. Wishing you and Stella Sophia plenty of riding adventures together.

BARCELONA Citizen Bike in Central Park, New York City

 Gotham 2 should be renamed Awesome Too 

– R.H. of Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

"I received my Pearl G2 two weeks ago, on time and in perfect condition. I am loving it. I ride 3 blocks to the train station, fold her up and board, 11 minutes and 3 stops later, and I'm riding 3 miles to my shop with a big grin on.

The bike is easy to fold and unfold, light and compact - fitting easily into and on the train, and best of all, fun as fun can be to ride.

I have passed by the train station and ridden home after work 4 times already.

Comments and questions by other commuters and cyclists are always positive...I'm a bit of a celebrity on my G2. It's a great bike at a great price. Two thumbs up, Citizen Bike." – R.H. of Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

"I have had my bike for a little over a month now and have to say - love it. I ride this bike to the subway every morning, fold it up and take it with me. I have had two bikes stolen from this subway station in five years and never again! This baby comes with me and gets stashed in the building's bike room folded. Can't tell you how many compliments I get on it, everyone is wants to know where I got it so I just send em on over to your website." – D.B. of Oakland, California

"I just got my bike today, my roomie helped me pull it out of the box and I just went on my first ride… It is amazing, easy to use, easy to snap together, fits perfectly in my closet.   Thank you so much for putting it together so perfectly.  I just pulled it out of the box and followed the directions on how to unfold it and started to ride it. My roomie so impressed that everything works, even the brakes.  He's thinking about getting one. I am going to tell everyone. I feel like a little kid at Christmas, just without my dad all pissed off, swearing under his breath and bike parts all over the floor. " – J.W., Los Angeles, CA

" I purchased a GOTHAM2 in orange a week ago. I’m a cyclist doing 4,000-5,000 miles per year, mostly on a recumbent bikes. I wanted the folding bike to take to Florida with me. I must say this bike is awesome I rode with the big boys running a steady 17 MPH and the bike is so comfy and the handling is super. First long ride was 40 miles. Thanks again for making a great travel bike." – D.F., Buffalo, NY

"I just thought I would send you a picture of me, my dog, and my Citizen Gotham 2 bike on our 3 week vacation in Colorado. I took my new ride there and put it through the paces. People loved the look and engineering smarts that the GOTHAM2 has to offer and it handled most of what the San Juan Valley could throw at it.  All it needs is off-road tires to handle the truly rugged parts of Co. Thanks again for a great product!" – J.C., Savannah, GA

"I received my TOKYO and just wanted to thank you for what I consider to be exceptional customer service coupled with an excellent product!  This bike is an incredible value for the money - well built, sturdy and handles extremely well!  I am now using the bike to commute 5 miles to work in the morning and 5 miles in the afternoon." – H.B., Keyport, NJ

"The FOLDING BIKE HAS ARRIVED!  I have set it up without any assistance – easy!  I rode it around the yard and pasture.  Scared the dogs.  Scared the nesting birds.  Rang the little bell.  It is a great little zoomer and a simply wonderful design.  It rode fine in the grass.  Now back to the house to put on some shoes. Thanks so much for a terrific product.  I am happy-happy-happy with its light weight, its ease of handling, and its convenience." – D.D., Suches, GA

"When I got home from work today, I was delighted to see that my bike had arrived. I was surprised to find that you had installed the bell, rack and fenders for me. Thank you! Everything was expertly packed, and perfectly tuned. The brakes and shifters required no adjustment at all. The directions for unfolding the bike were easy, and after inflating the tires and adjusting the seat height, I took it for a test ride. I am favorably impressed with both the bike and your service. You have exceeded my expectations." – D.S., Orlando, FL

"I live on Long Island (NY) and my commute is 18 miles each way and consists of 16 miles of traffic (each way).  Every day was starting and ending poorly and it was beginning to show both at home and at work.  With the price of gas flying upward (again), I felt enough was enough and began searching for an alternative.  I could not justify spending $500 on a folding bike that would be used for commuting to and from the train station (especially since I was not sure how it was going to work out), and full size bike are prohibited during rush "peak" times.  When I had seen you MIAMI model, it matched what I needed and the price fit my budget.  I checked reviews and contacted your customer service (they’re very friendly BTW) and they answered my questions.  I gave it a go.

I was expecting to buy the bike and have to put most of it together.  No doubt I was delighted when all I needed to do was put the seat post on (took about 5 seconds).  Even the optional rack was already installed!  Everything started off positive.  I took the bike for its maiden voyage around the neighborhood and found that the bike shifted well and was a comfortable ride.  The real test would be on Monday morning as I had to ride 4 miles to the train station, fold it up and get on the train and be able to get it off and ride a mile and half to work under specific time frames.  My first commute (and all since) went without fail.  In fact, I was never rushed as I keep a steady pace without pushing (sweating) and folds easily.  But there was something I did add into the equation.  I am starting every day doing something I love; cycling!  Instead of sitting in traffic, burning over-priced dead-dinosaurs, I am riding my bike!  Taking the train in itself saves money and the decreased wear and tear on my car justifies the purchase the bike purchase.  The exercise is awesome and the changes to my attitude is noticeable.  I use the bike to stroll around the neighborhood with my wife or for a quick jaunt to the store since it more practical then taking my full suspension trail bike or carbon fiber road bike.

I could not be happier with my choice.  The bike exceeded my expectations!  You guys at Citizen have a great product.

Thank You." – A.G., Holbrook, NY

"I received my bike in excellent condition and was delighted to see the great quality of the Citizen Bike.  I ordered the BARCELONA in Ivory and I just love it - it's perfect for me!  From the first day I rode it, I knew I had made the right decision.  Ordering online can be a little scary sometimes, but I am so pleased with this bike.  While riding through my neighborhood, already people have said, "Great looking bike!"  I had to turn around and go back to give one lady your web site.  Thank you for your prompt service and for such a great bike!  I'm looking forward to taking it many places and having a great time with it! " – B.L., Orlando, FL

"I recently ordered two TOKYO folding bikes from you....I have now had then a few weeks and can't tell you enough how pleased I am with them so far...they were bought to be used in various ports while we travel about on a sailboat.  They fold so very easy...are light, go into their storage bags so simply...there is just nothing about them that I would change.  After riding them on many trips over the past two weeks we feel that they are not only well made, but they are fun to ride.   We get lots of comments about how nice looking they are and have even had people ask to try them out. 

Thank you for such a great product and experience dealing with Citizen Bike.  The bikes were packed so well when we received then that we knew right away we had made the right choice buying from you! It was obvious that you care about your bikes and customers." – B.L., Raleigh, N.C.

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