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Our exciting line of folding bikes has been featured in numerous publications around the globe. Here is a sampling of some of the attention we've received.

Citizen Bike in The New York Times

This new folding bike has "cute" reflective stickers, said Ms. Borgeson, who was "really impressed" over all and liked how she could adjust the handlebars with a quick release.

Dad can get to work -- or just get some exercise -- without enlarging his carbon footprint, on a lightweight folding bike that's easy to store and carry. The GOTHAM Citizen Bike has a hand-welded alloy frame, weighs 23 pounds and has 6 speeds.

Citizen Bike Rewiew in The Wall Street Journal
Citizen Bike Rewiew in TIME Magazine

Citizen Bike sells foldables directly from its website with models starting at $179. "Our philosophy is affordability," says the company's president.

GO DIRECT: Citizen folders are sold customer-direct only, to save money. Most accessories for the basic six-speed Gotham are not included, but the reasonable prices ($19 for a rack and fender setup) won't break the bank. GO GREEN: Four quick-release levers collapse the Gotham in seconds, making it perfect for short commutes that involve buses or trains.

Citizen Bike Rewiew in Bicycling Magazine

An ideal option for multimodal commuters (combining biking with bus or car), this sophisticated folding bike features three speeds and a low, step-through alloy curved frame, plus cushioned grips and a cruiser saddle. Stylish add-ons shown include a weather-resistant Deluxe Rattan Basket and Oversized Bell.

Citizen Bike in Natural Health Magazine

The best part is how small it folds up. And, hey, a little exercise is a great way to ward off that dad bod.

Citizen Bike in People Magazine
Citizen Bike in The New York Times

Watch as our folding bikes are featured on ABC's Memorial Day broadcast of The View as one of the summer's hottest gadgets.

Citizen Bike in The New York Times Frugal Traveler

Want to sightsee on bikes but don’t want to rent? There is Citizen’s Tokyo model folding bike. With six gears and 16-inch wheels, it weighs an airplane-friendly 29 pounds and costs an astounding $164. Throw in a $28 carrying bag and you’re ready to check it on the next flight to Narita.

Once the pocket protector of the cycling world, these adaptable rides have evolved into a stylish mode of transport

Citizen Bike in The Wall Street Journal

NBC's TODAY Show featured our folding bikes as an innovative solution to travel with your bicycle.

Citizen Bike on NBC's Today Show

Wheels on Wheels. In addition to a MetroCard, many New Yorkers now carry an MTA MetroBike ($299), a lightweight folding bicycle that was designed by the Citizen Bike company to be brought aboard any subway or bus. It features a six-speed gear system and twenty-inch wheels. Other city-specific models include the Barcelona ($394), the Miami ($194) and the Tokyo ($164). citizenbike.com.

Citizen Bike in Town and Country
Citizen Bike Rewiew in The New York Times

This is from a line of six-speed portable bicycles that weigh as little as 23 lbs and fold small enough to store is a large tote bag.

Citizen Bike on Deco Drive

Citizen Bike Rewiew on Deco Drive

With a utilitarian motto, "Folding bikes for going and being human," and proletariat pricing, the company's rides are a natural choice.

Citizen Bike Rewiew in 944 Magazine
Citizen Bike Rewiew in Sunset Magazine

Green ideas for your tax rebate

Practicality meets its match with the folding bicycle by Citizen Bike. Develop a personal relationship with your bike, one where you never leave one another's side.

Citizen Bike Rewiew in Solano Magazine
Citizen Bike Rewiew in NY House

Citizen Bike's lightweight folding bicycles offer a practical and affordable alternative to cumbersome, space-consuming frames.

Biking is a fast, carbon-free way to run errands around town; it's also a terrific exercise. The affordable and ultra-convenient Citizen Folding Bike makes the sport even easier.

Citizen Bike Rewiew in Natural Health Magazine
Citizen Bike Rewiew in Citylink

Best Place to get a Folding Bike

If you play your cards right, folding can land you a winner. Like the Citizen Bike, the latest evolution in two-wheel technology.

Citizen Bike Rewiew in Daily Candy

Citizen Bike on Fine Living TV

Citizen Bike Rewiew on Fine Living